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Life-changing injuries to lead to compensation claim?

Life-changing injuries to lead to compensation claim?

Life-changing injuries sustained during a collision with a car could result in a woman seeking compensation for her ordeal.

Leanne Earp had to learn to walk again after suffering two broken legs when she was run over by a drink-driver outside a pub in Nuneaton in November 2011, the Coventry Telegraph reports.

The 31-year-old - who has five children - also had pins inserted in both her feet during her month-long stay in hospital in the aftermath of the incident and also spent six months in a wheelchair.

Despite undergoing extensive operations to repair the significant damage to her legs, Ms Earp still has severely restricted mobility and has to use crutches to help her walk.

This incident occurred after the woman had acted as a peacemaker in a drunken argument between Lee Stubbs - the 24-year-old driver of the car that hit her - and another man at the pub.

The row culminated when a piece of wood was smashed through the back window of Mr Stubbs' vehicle and he subsequently drove off, colliding with Ms Earp as he left the car park.

Mr Stubbs has now been imprisoned for 18 months on the grounds of causing grievous bodily harm and Ms Earp has told the news source of her battle to regain physical fitness.

For instance, she explained that she learnt to walk again along with her youngest daughter Brooke, who was taking her first steps at the time.

However, Ms Earp went on to say there are still many tasks she is not yet able to do again.

"It's so frustrating - silly little things like hoovering under the stairs. I cannot drive at the moment too. When I start again I'm going to have to have to take a couple of driving lessons to get my confidence back," she noted.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson