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Builder pursuing clinical negligence damages

Builder pursuing clinical negligence damages

Compensation is being sought by a builder on the basis that alleged clinical negligence left him with life-changing injuries.

According to the Burton Mail, Neil Brunton is suing the Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for up to £100,000 after errors made during an operation on his shoulder left him unable to complete his full duties at work.

The 39-year-old was admitted to the Queen's Hospital in Burton in July 2009 to undergo corrective surgery on his left shoulder to stop the joint from repeatedly dislocating.

The writ served to London's High Court on his behalf states that Mark Hamlet, the consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the institution, carried out this procedure and Mr Brunton was sent home later the same day.

However, the patient returned to the specialist around eight months later complaining that he was suffering with continuous pain in his shoulder and x-rays showed that three of the four anchors inserted by Mr Hamlet were incorrectly fitted.

Consequently, Mr Brunton had to undergo a further examination by the professional, in which it was found that the joint had been further damaged since the first operation with the anchors being taken out.

The claimant alleged he now suffers with constant pain in his shoulder - a problem that has restricted his earnings as a builder, as well as forcing him to give up his passion of participating in kung fu and restricting the activities he can do with his two children.

Mr Brunton is being represented by Russell Jones & Walker and his solicitor Paul Sankey - the principal lawyer in our clinical negligence department - commented: "This is an unfortunate case of a man who now has to face daily pain and restrictions in his work as a result of his medical treatment."

"He has nevertheless managed to make the best of a bad situation. He is seeking compensation to put him so far as possible in the position he would have been had his surgery been better done," Paul added.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson