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Max Mosley calls for libel reforms

Max Mosley calls for libel reforms

Reforms should be made to the legal process regarding libel in order to make such action more affordable.

That is according to Max Mosley, the former head of Formula 1, who has told the Leveson inquiry into press ethics that changes are needed as, at the moment, the vast majority of people are priced out of making compensation claims.

Mr Mosley was awarded £60,000 in privacy damages by the High Court after he sued the News of the World over an article published in March 2008, in which it was alleged he had partaken in a "sick Nazi orgy".

However, the businessman has insisted that such action cannot realistically be taken by many Britons, meaning a new system involving the creation of a press tribunal should be established.

In a written statement to the inquiry, Mr Mosley noted: "Litigation for breach of privacy or defamation is beyond the means of all but the richest, be they newspapers or individuals. Justice is thus denied to most of the population."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson

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