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Discrimination against military personnel 'may be outlawed'

Discrimination against military personnel 'may be outlawed'

Discrimination against individuals who have served in the military could soon become illegal.

UK political parties will discuss the prospect of outlawing such behaviour as part of new moves to offer greater protection for armed forces veterans, the Guardian reports.

According to the Labour party, defence secretary Philip Hammond is willing to discuss such matters with his shadow Jim Murphy, while the opposing political sides have also lent their support to a motion in parliament.

Mr Murphy - who is also the Labour MP for East Renfrewshire - explained former servicemen and women need to be handed the opportunity to move back into civilian life smoothly, adding these individuals require unique support.

He stated: "That's why we're saying that those veterans who want it shouldn't have to wait to get access to the government's work programme."

His comments come after it was revealed the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review is resulting in 30,000 positions within the armed forces being disposed of.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson