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Parents launch clinical negligence compensation claim

Parents launch clinical negligence compensation claim

Clinical negligence compensation is being sought by the family of a boy left severely disabled by errors made at his birth.

Darryl Munashe Kupahurasa - who is five-years-old - suffers from cerebral palsy, cannot walk or talk and requires 24-hour care after professionals at Doncaster Royal Infirmary committed a needless mistake during his delivery.

Staff at the institution incorrectly gave his mother a drip containing an artificial hormone to induce labour, which resulted in the woman's contractions becoming too strong.

Consequently, the oxygen supply to the child was cut, leaving him with life-changing injuries. His parents Mr and Mrs Kupahurasa are therefore now taking legal action against the hospital for this negligence.

Mrs Kupahurasa said they had been left "absolutely devastated" by this avoidable incident.

"Like any parents we hope for our son to have a happy, healthy and successful life, but due to mistakes at the hospital he will never even be able to live independently," she added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney