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Commuter claims disability discrimination by bus drivers

Commuter claims disability discrimination by bus drivers

A commuter in London has claimed he is the subject of disability discrimination from bus drivers in the city.

Ollie Knocker, a television editor who has muscular dystrophy, noted progression in his career has been impacted because the drivers sometimes refuse to stop for him when they realise he uses a mobility scooter, the London Evening Standard reports.

Mr Knocker explained those at the wheel of the public transport vehicles often ignore him and speed off without stopping, while others refuse to let him board with his joystick-operated device.

The 22-year-old - who claimed he is late for work twice a week because of these problems - revealed Transport for London has sent him an email to present when trying to board.

He stated: "The majority drivers do let me on when I show them the email, but many are so ignorant and just refuse," adding that while the issue used to upset him, has since developed a thick skin to deal with it.

Posted by Chris Stevenson