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Building firm to face industrial disease claims?

Building firm to face industrial disease claims?

Industrial disease claims may be launched against a construction company after it emerged the firm had exposed its workers to asbestos.

Cowley's Building and Maintenance was contracted by St Austell Breweries to carry out a refurbishment of the Three Crowns pub in Dartmoor, Devon, in January 2010.

However, this work was undertaken without the completion of an adequate asbestos survey report and, after it emerged the lethal substance was present on the premises, the site manager asked employees to remove it without providing them with proper equipment.

As such, asbestos was disturbed in the building, meaning particles of the material were released into the air.

Therefore, the four workmen present on that day were all put at risk of contracting illnesses such as pleural plaques and mesothelioma, meaning they may now be eligible to seek damages.

Health and Safety Executive inspector Barry Trudgian commented:  Once the asbestos boards were found, the site manager should have stopped the demolition work."

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Posted by Francesca Witney