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Teenager granted £2.3m clinical negligence compensation

Teenager granted £2.3m clinical negligence compensation

A teenager who was left brain damaged due to mistakes at his birth has been awarded a seven-figure sum of compensation on the grounds of clinical negligence.

According to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph, the unnamed 15-year-old boy now suffers with cerebral palsy because of unnecessary delays overseen by professionals at the Peterborough Maternity Unit while he was being delivered in 1996.

Consequently, his parents took legal action against the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the High Court in London has now ruled the child is entitled to damages of £2.3 million for his ordeal.

Problems ensued at the hospital after the boy's mother was admitted there following a spontaneous rupture in week 35 of her pregnancy.

Despite the fact his heartbeat was clearly irregular, doctors did not deliver the child until more than 24 hours later - by which time he was not breathing.

Approving the seven-figure settlement, Mr Justice Walker commented: "I pay tribute to him for coping in his own fashion with all that has befallen him and I pay tribute to all those who are contributing to his care."

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Posted by Francesca Witney