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Staff with children 'favoured for flexible working'

Staff with children 'favoured for flexible working'

Employers prioritise their members of staff with children when it comes to implementing flexible working policies.

That is the opinion of a large proportion of middle-aged professionals who, research by YouGov on behalf of Croner has revealed, feel they are not afforded the same benefits as their colleagues who have young families.

According to this study, 27 per cent of employees between the ages of 45 and 54 believe individuals with kids are given preferential treatment by their boss.

The survey - which involved questioning 1,175 professionals - found that 18 per cent of people 'agreed' with this sentiment, while nine per cent 'strongly agreed'.

Carol Smith, senior employment consultant at Croner, said that while there can be no doubt that flexibility is a good thing for people with children, older employees have every right to feel disillusioned after the government scrapped plans to extend this initiative.

"Employers should have flexible working policies that do not disadvantage other groups within their workforce," she added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas