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Window company faces unfair dismissal claim

Window company faces unfair dismissal claim

An ex-manager of a window company is taking his former employer to a tribunal on the grounds of alleged unfair dismissal.

According to the Staffordshire Sentinel, Andrew Moran is seeking compensation from FAB Systems - a firm established in Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1998 - as he claims the organisation owes him holiday pay and outstanding wages.

Mr Moran has told the tribunal being heard in Birmingham that he was a full-time employee of FAB's and was paid hourly for his services, but the company disputes this and insists he was only ever self-employed.

FAB indicated that Mr Moran did not have a contract and "walked out on the job" after choosing his own working hours.

Indeed, Mark Richards, who helped run the firm, said he was "appalled" Mr Moran had seen fit to sue the company.

A decision on the claim will be made at a later date, with Mr Moran potentially receiving damages later this year.

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Posted by Francesca Witney