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Lab testing firm to face industrial disease claims?

Lab testing firm to face industrial disease claims?

Industrial disease claims could be launched against a laboratory testing company after it emerged its workers had been put at risk of coming into contact with asbestos.

An investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that Exova (UK) - a firm established in 1980 that employs more than 3,500 people worldwide - had failed to properly manage the substance at its premises on Tyneside.

The HSE received a complaint indicating that the organisation had not removed damaged asbestos from its factory in Newcastle, even though it had been recommended to do so twice previously.

While analysing the depot in 2010, the regulatory body found the material was present in two separate parts of the area - despite the fact Exova had been aware of this some two years earlier.

Andrew Woodhall, inspector at the HSE, observed: "Exova used its own internal, industry-accredited asbestos testing company to undertake surveys, but then failed to take the recommended action."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson