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Disabled man wins discrimination claim

Disabled man wins discrimination claim

Compensation has been awarded to a disabled man who took his former employer to a tribunal on the grounds of discrimination and constructive dismissal.

According to the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph, Philip Hambly left Corby-based firm Solway Foods after nearly 20 years of working for the company after he was given a new job sorting pallets at its base in March last year.

Mr Hambly, who suffers with epilepsy, was handed this role even though medical advice indicated it could make him ill and despite the fact he raised this issue with his bosses.

The professional was concerned he was putting the health and safety of himself and his colleagues in danger by carrying out this work, but he was still not moved.

Subsequently, Mr Hambly fell over while completing his duties and then decided to resign. He indicated he is pleased to have been awarded damages.

"It was completely unsafe to have me working on the line ... I am very happy with the decision. It took nearly a year to bring the matter to court but it was worth the wait," he commented.

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Posted by Francesca Witney