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Council to award multi-million damages settlements

Council to award multi-million damages settlements

A local authority will award two multi-million pound compensation settlements after it was ruled to be responsible for "catastrophic" injuries suffered during a road traffic accident.

During a case at the High Court in London, it was decided that Devon County Council was at fault for a crash at Limers Cross between Honiton and Smeatharpe in November 2006, the Daily Telegraph reports.

In this accident, the driver of a Land Rover lost control while overtaking another vehicle as they swerved to avoid potholes on the surface and consequently drove into some trees on the opposite side of the road.

As a result, Mrs Justice Slade ruled that the council had not maintained the street properly and ordered the body to award substantial damages to the two passengers in the Land Rover, who both suffered life-changing injuries.

The first passenger, who is tetraplegic and lost an arm, has been granted a £3 million lump sum followed by annual instalments of £275,000, while the other individual - who suffered brain injuries - has been handed £1.25 million.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas