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Study: 53% of women expect gender pay gap to last forever

Study: 53% of women expect gender pay gap to last forever

More than half of all female professionals in the UK are resigned to the fact they will always be a victim of the gender pay gap, new research has established.

According to a study published by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), some 53 per cent of all women believe they will never receive the same level of wages as men due to the established discrimination in the country's employment sector.

Within this survey, the business consultancy group asked 4,000 employees about their outlook on the world of work at the moment and found that 60 per cent of females feel childcare responsibilities as a parent will continue to hold them back in terms of their career progression.

Dawn Nicholson, human resources consulting partner at PwC, observed that this "pessimistic" outlook of many women suggests that their professional aspirations are relatively low in comparison to those of their male colleagues.

"Our research showed that among young women who've entered the workforce in the UK only half of females believe they will rise to the top with their current employer, compared to 73 per cent of males," she added.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson