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Parents 'need more flexible working'

Parents 'need more flexible working'

Managers should strive to offer professionals who have children with disabilities better conditions within their roles.

That is according to Nora Smith, policy and information manager for the Employers For Childcare Charitable Group, who believes bosses should extend benefits such as flexible working further to such people in order to avoid staff grievances.

Ms Smith explained that while such workers do have some special dispensation through employment law - like parental leave being available for 18 weeks rather than the statutory 13 - it is up to individual companies to show their commitment through taking further action.

"I think that employers need to be more understanding of families, in order to be able to help their work and their current responsibilities," she noted.

The expert - whose charitable organisation was set up in 1998 - indicated that showing a greater willingness to be flexible in terms of working hours and shifts would be a step in the right direction for many firms.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson