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Flexible working 'makes business sense'

Flexible working 'makes business sense'

Introducing flexible working into a company's professional practices makes good business sense for all managers.

That is according to Jonathan Swan, research and policy manager at Working Families, who believes the growing demand for flexibility from employees in the aftermath of the recession means this is something organisations should be considering at present.

For instance, Mr Swan explained that people with a range of job options open to them are more likely to want to work for a firm that offers them the "best terms and conditions in terms of flexible working".

Research published earlier this week (November 16th) by Office Angels suggested that the traditional nine-to-five day will be a thing of the past in the UK's employment sector in 25 years time.

And Mr Swan went on to indicate that managers would be best off implementing more flexibility now, as they will see the productivity levels of their staff climb after doing so.

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Posted by Francesca Witney