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Govt sets out plans to limit EU influence on employment law

Govt sets out plans to limit EU influence on employment law

The government has laid out proposals on how it plans to take greater control over the UK's employment law system.

Business minister Mark Prisk has published a document in which the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance reveals it is preparing to go about cutting the levels of EU bureaucracy in this area of British legislation.

The administration's Operating Principles clearly state that "proactive and early engagement" is perceived as vital by policymakers if they are going to do this.

For instance, the coalition wants to increase its action in Brussels, particularly before the European Commission formally announces proposals for new laws, as this will give it the most chance of influencing the outcome of the legislative process.

Mr Prisk - who is also MP for Hertford and Stortford - observed that all British firms and citizens are affected by EU law and promised "this government is serious about getting to grips with the quantity and quality of rules coming out of Europe".

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Posted by Richard Saunders