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7m 'affected by disability discrimination'

7m 'affected by disability discrimination'

A Department for Work and Pensions disability steering group has said millions of people are being affected by disability discrimination.

Maria Miller, minister for disabled people, said individuals with a disability are often under-employed, while 50 per cent are not able to find any work at all, reports HR magazine.

James Partridge, chair of the employer engagement steering group, said: "We, as employers, should not judge a person's suitability for a role based on their disability."

Ms Miller urged employers to review their recruitment and work policies in order to ensure they are not discriminating against people with a disability.

Sue LaVerne, HR director at E.ON Energy Solutions, added there is no reason why a disabled person should not get the same chances of career progression as an able-bodied individual.

One man who recently made a claim for compensation because he was dismissed from his job at the BBC because of disability discrimination was Jonathan Steer, who won his case, reports the London Evening Standard.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson