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Making a will 'avoids complications'

Making a will 'avoids complications'

Producing a will is the only way to make sure that an individual can make completely sure their affairs are handled in the correct manner after they pass away.

That is according to Paul Sharpe - chairman of the Institute of Professional Willwriters, a membership body aimed at promoting the importance of testaments - who has called upon all Britons to compile such a document before they die.

Mr Sharpe explained that the rewards of a lifelong career can end up in the wrong hands if people fail to make a will.

In addition, he noted that doing so will mean that family members do not have to encounter the burden of resolving issues in the aftermath of their death.

"By putting everything in writing, it provides certainty and direction for those that you leave behind," the expert continued.

However, Mr Sharpe added that it may be a good idea to recruit a professional to help with the inheritance tax form, as he described this as a "monster".

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Posted by Richard Saunders