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Communication 'key to avoiding discrimination claims'

Communication 'key to avoiding discrimination claims'

Employers could face grievance claims on the grounds of sex discrimination unless they use proper business motivations on their workplace dress code for the summer months.

That is the suggestion of Charlotte Wolff, employment relations editor at XpertHR and author of the body's latest employee dress report, who has noted that 43 per cent of all managers implement more relaxed rules on acceptable clothes to wear in their business at times of excessively hot - or cold - weather.

However, Ms Wolf warned that firms must not simply change the boundaries without consulting their members of staff, as communication and clarity are vital in this area to avoid any discrimination issues.

"If the employer decides to relax the code in particularly hot weather they should inform all staff - for example by email - and make it clear what the parameters are," she advised.

The XpertHR dress code publication earlier this year established that 42 per cent of workplaces that describe their dress code as "formal" disallow their male employees from wearing short sleeves.

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Posted by Richard Saunders