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Bodies call for action to reduce road traffic accidents

Bodies call for action to reduce road traffic accidents

Personal injury compensation claims made following road traffic accidents in the UK may be reduced in number if a number of simple measures were implemented.

That is according to a consultation paper produced by the European New Car Assessment Programme and the European Road Assessment Programme, which has called on the government to take action immediately to enhance the standard of signs and markings on highways up and down the country, the RAC reports.

The bodies urged the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance to conduct a "fully-fledged review" in this area sooner rather than later, as improving "sloppy areas in traffic management" could lead to the saving of hundreds of lives every year.

In addition, it was noted that the safety offered by modern gadgets like satnavs are offset by "poor and dated road signs".

This comes after the Northern Echo reported that James Stokoe is seeking £300,000 in compensation after suffering a serious head injury in a road traffic accident.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett