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Vince Cable unveils parental leave plans

Vince Cable unveils parental leave plans

Workers across all sectors are set to benefit from new flexible working rules in the near future, it has emerged.

Business secretary Vince Cable has unveiled a raft of changes to the country's employment law system with regard to parental leave as of 2015 under plans formulated by the government to create a "modern workforce for the modern economy".

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance feels that present legislation is too rigid and is restrictive to both workers and their managers when it comes to them taking time off around the birth of their child.

Among the announced plans is a provision to allow parents to share an overall leave allowance between them to afford greater flexibility.

Mr Cable - who is also MP for Twickenham - said the measures are fairer for fathers while also maintaining existing entitlements for mothers, "but crucially giving parents much greater choice over how to balance their work and family commitments".

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Posted by Richard Saunders