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Research: Discrimination still a problem in workplaces

Research: Discrimination still a problem in workplaces

Several forms of discrimination are still prevalent in workplaces across all sectors in the UK, new research has shown.

According to a study by the Inclusive Employers Foundation - an organisation that provides knowledge on how firms can enhance their working environments - 75 per cent of members of staff believe they have experienced different treatment on the grounds of factors such as their age, gender and educational background.

In a bid to combat this, leading organisations in Britain are to join forces to come up with a new approach aimed at ending such instances of discrimination and installing a culture where all workers are valued for the contribution they make.

Rachel Krys, director of Inclusive Employers, said action is needed in this area as the barriers faced by certain groups "to accessing and thriving in work are still enormous and the mass of initiatives, legislation, guidance and taskforces haven't successfully tackled them."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett