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Divorce 'can affect children's wellbeing'

Divorce 'can affect children's wellbeing'

Children can be mentally and emotionally drained by the effects of their parents going through a divorce, new research has suggested.

According to a study conducted by professionals at the University of Cardiff and the University of Leicester - in conjunction with expert counterparts from American institutions such as the University of New Orleans - the cognitive development of youngsters can be negatively impacted throughout the separation process.

The researchers found that the stress surrounding family disputes transmits to infants and were therefore responsible for causing many children involved to suffer from sleep-related issues, such as unsettled sleeping patterns or forms of insomnia.

Professor Gordon Harold of the school of psychology at the University of Leicester explained that "regulated sleep is essential during infancy for healthy brain and physical development".

However, he added that how parents "manage conflicts" definitely has "significant implications" on the academic, behavioural and emotional wellbeing of children.

This comes after the Centre for Social Justice revealed recently that 28 per cent of all youngsters in the UK witness their parents divorce before they reach the age of 16.

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Posted by Richard Saunders