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Demand for flexible working 'is growing in the UK'

Demand for flexible working 'is growing in the UK'

A growing number of employees are requesting that their managers make flexible working practices available to them in the aftermath of the global economic downturn, an expert has said.

In recent times, government officials have discussed the possibility of amending the UK's employment law in order to extend flexible working opportunities to more members of the population, while more firms are now recognising the importance of such policies following the issues caused by the recession.

And Matt Duffy, partnerships manager at consultancy Lorica, feels that bosses are now receiving more demand from staff members about the possibility of being able to operate flexibly to enhance their work-life balance.

Mr Duffy explained that annual leave trading and childcare allowances were the two most popular schemes relating to this among employees.

This comes after the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's latest Employee Outlook Survey showed that 37 per cent of workers across the nation feel their standard of living has got worse in 2011.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens