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IoD: Government needs to form stronger tribunal system

IoD: Government needs to form stronger tribunal system

The government's planned alterations to the UK's employment tribunal system are inadequate and fundamentally flawed, a leading business group has stated.

Under proposals put forward by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance in its Resolving Workplace Disputes document recently, measures such as doubling the amount of time an employee needs to have worked for a company to be eligible to begin an unfair dismissal case after being fired are set to be introduced.

However, the Institute of Directors (IoD) - an organisation founded in 1903 that now has more than 45,000 members - has stated that the administration's proposed changes will fail to give the system the overhaul it needs.

Instead, the IoD has proposed that steps like making pre-claim conciliation compulsory unless both sides decline it and raising the threshold for acceptable claims should be implemented.

Miles Templeman, director-general of the body, commented: "Being timid will get us nowhere, employment tribunals need radical reform. Unfortunately, the government's proposals, although well intentioned, will do little to tackle the problem of weak claims."

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Posted by Richard Saunders