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Divorce and separation 'do not need to cause problems for families'

Seeking the advice of a family law solicitor and aiming to divorce amicably could be a good idea for couples with children, one expert has said.

Paula Hall, author of the Relate guide Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce, said youngsters do not need to be negatively affected if the process is managed properly and both parties collaborate.

"It's not actually the divorce and separation that causes problems, it's the conflict around it and the difficulties in maintaining the relationship," she explained.

Ms Hall recommended telling children about the divorce together and organising a regular routine for afterwards, with both parents being able to see their offspring frequently.

She also urged parents to separate their own needs from those of any children involved and to avoid appointing blame in front of them.

There were 113,949 divorces across England and Wales in 2009, the Office for National Statistics states.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett