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Businesswoman seeking £54 million in clinical negligence compensation

Businesswoman seeking £54 million in clinical negligence compensation

A successful businesswoman is seeking a medical negligence compensation settlement of up to £54 million following a plastic surgery procedure that went wrong.

Penny Johnson, who is 49 years old, managed an IT consultancy company in London along with her husband Peter prior to undergoing a partial facelift in August 2003 under the expertise of Dr Le Roux Fourie.

However, as a result of the botched procedure, she was left with nerve damage in her face and around her eye, which she claims made her insufficiently confident to conduct daily business tasks such as meeting with clients.

Therefore, she and her spouse eventually sold their firm in October 2009 after it became clear she would not be able to return to work following the surgery, which was described as "experimental".

Mrs Johnson alleges that Dr Fourie's negligence has cost her a career worth £600,000 annually and as such is suing for loss of earnings and distress.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett