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Expert urges employers to adopt flexible working

Expert urges employers to adopt flexible working

Employers in one area of the UK may have to adopt more flexible working practices in order to avoid grievance claims from their workers, an expert has said.

According to Neil Poole, chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in North Lincolnshire and West Lindsey, this region's workforce has a "good record of adapting to new challenges and technologies", meaning that they may relish the opportunity to work more flexibly, This is Scunthorpe reports.

"One of the challenges to both employers and employees in the coming months and years will be in developing flexible working arrangements," he told the news source.

Following the global economic downturn, more people have been eager to be given the chance to operate flexibly by their manager as employees in many sectors are facing a situation of having to adapt to job losses, particularly in the public sector.

The FSB official added "this will help to attract new investment as confidence returns in the business sector".

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Posted by Daniel Stevens