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Expert: Potential pre-nup changes could be positive for couples

Expert: Potential pre-nup changes could be positive for couples

Potential changes to legislation in the UK with regards to pre-nuptial agreements may be positive for married couples, an expert has suggested.

According to Elizabeth Tait, spokeswoman for Divorce Aid, these contracts can be an effective way to "remove a lot of the wrangling and heartache from a marriage breakdown", meaning that couples may benefit from having one in place as a safety net against any potential divorce action in the future.

Ms Tait's comments come after the Law Commission revealed last week (January 11th 2011) that it is currently canvassing public opinion on whether or not reforms should go ahead that would possibly make pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and separation agreements legally binding.

She added that this would be positive for the UK's marriage system, as the agreements can provide a solid financial foundation for newlyweds to begin their marriage.

However, Christina Tait also of the organisation, added that people should make sure they are fully aware of what the contracts entail.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett