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Employers set for increased number of grievance cases?

Employers set for increased number of grievance cases?

Organisations may be well advised to brace themselves for a spate of grievance cases based around issues such as pay discrimination in the near future, an expert has suggested.

According to Dilys Robinson, principle research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies, feelings of disenchantment and discontent are becoming more common among members of staff across all sectors as the global economic downturn continues to affect workplaces.

Ms Robinson explained that the early part of the recession saw something of a "Blitz spirit" emerge among employees, who were eager to help their companies through hard financial times through measures such as accepting pay cuts and working harder to increase productivity.

However, she added that this has now evaporated and has been replaced by a sense of "structural commitment", as the majority of workers are only now remaining in their jobs due to the monetary implications of resigning.

Meanwhile, Badenoch & Clark stated recently that some 22.8 per cent of employees in Britain are unhappy in their jobs.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett