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Research suggests age discrimination exists in IT sector

Research suggests age discrimination exists in IT sector

Age discrimination is rife within the UK's IT employment sector, a new study has suggested.

According to research conducted by telecommunications recruitment firm Greythorn, 90 per cent of professionals in this field believe that the industry is discriminatory towards older candidates for jobs.

In addition, three-quarters of employees in this sector feel that the market is unnecessarily harsh towards people over the age of 50 when considering candidates for jobs, with more than ten per cent of workers in IT in this age group indicating that they feel "very insecure" in their current role.

Paul Winchester - managing director of Greythorn, a company which was founded in 1976 and now has business operation across the world - commented that age is not "perceived as an asset" in the industry and added: "Some people over 50 think they are unpopular with current and future employers because of the perception that experienced people cannot adapt to new technologies."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett