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Paralysed girl suing hospital after swimming accident

Paralysed girl suing hospital after swimming accident

A girl who was left paralysed after diving into a friend's swimming pool is suing the NHS hospital which treated her for clinical negligence.

Kylie Grimes had a midnight swim at Katie Hawkins' father's house in August 2006, when she hit her skull on the bottom of the pool, causing severe head and neck injuries.

The accident left Ms Grimes tetraplegic and she is now suing managers at the NHS trust in charge of Frimley Park Hospital, where she was cared for after the accident.

She is claiming that their treatment of her when she arrived at hospital was negligent and contributed to her disabilities.

However, the Surrey trust denies responsibility for Ms Grimes' injuries after the accident seriously damaged her spinal cord, resulting in paralysis from the chest down.

Ms Grimes wrote on her website: "It became very clear early on that my needs would be extensive and ongoing for the rest of my life."

Papers filed at London's High Court estimate her claim to be worth between £4 and £6 million.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens