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CBI: Listed companies should be monitored on gender equality

CBI: Listed companies should be monitored on gender equality

Listed companies in the UK should be required to formally measure the progress they make on increasing their boardroom gender diversity, an organisation has stated.

In a raft of proposals which could result in a reduction in the number of grievance cases being filed on the basis of sex discrimination, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has called for the country's Corporate Governance Code to be revamped.

Under the measures suggested by the organisation - which is the premier business lobbying body for British firms both at home and abroad - every such company would implement internal targets to increase the number of females on their boards.

In addition, if these goals are not met, the CBI feels that organisations should then have to formally explain why this is the case.

Helen Alexander, president of the body, commented: "We need to see more women progressing through the ranks and do more to keep them moving along the career pipeline into the top jobs."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett