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Worker seeks unfair dismissal compensation settlement

Worker seeks unfair dismissal compensation settlement

A worker is seeking compensation after lodging a grievance complaint on the grounds of unfair dismissal against his former employer.

Leon Donnelly claimed he endured an extended period of discrimination, including instances of being abused verbally and racially with regard to his Irish ancestry while working in the performing arts sector. 

Mr Donnelly eventually complained to his bosses, but was subsequently fired for a breach of confidentiality - something which he strenuously denies.

He commented to The Observer that despite the fact he had "done nothing wrong", he was "sacked as a malicious troublemaker" and therefore claims he deserves a damages settlement for unfair dismissal.

The man added that he had only intervened because there was a drinking habit among his fellow crew members and he "did not want an actor or a member of staff to be injured or killed".

The claimant added he had rejected an out-of-court offer of £25,000 from his employer.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett