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£2.45m compensation for cycling accident

£2.45m compensation awarded after cycling accident

A man who sustained serious head injuries during a road traffic accident has been awarded £2.45 million in personal injury compensation.

According to the Oxford Mail, legal representatives of Hamish McCullough, now 34, claimed compensation for a cycling accident in which the victim suffered a fractured skull and severe brain injury as he was knocked off his bike.

Mr McCullough subsequently spent more than a year being treated in hospital for his health problems and now requires 24-hour care from a range of medical institutions and care workers.

The High Court therefore decided to award him a lump sum of £2.45 million, as well as tax-free annual payments of £120,000 to cover the cost of his care for the remainder of his life.

At the time of the accident Mr McCullough was studying at Oxford Brookes University.