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Schoolboy with hip problems wins medical negligence award

Schoolboy with hip problems wins medical negligence award

A schoolboy has been awarded compensation after he made a medical negligence claim against an NHS Trust.

According to the BBC, 11-year-old Hayden Aspin was left with both of his hips in the wrong position due to errors made during a clinical procedure he underwent at the Royal Oldham Hospital in Greater Manchester.

The child has had bilateral dislocatable joints since birth and was fitted with a splint at the medical facility in the hope that this would help his condition. However, the implement was set up in the wrong way, meaning that Hayden now has one leg that is shorter than the other.

This has left him with a limp and he told the news source that it has caused him embarrassment, as well as having a negative impact on his sporting activities because "after running I start getting tired and my leg will start to ache".

Paul Sankey, clinical negligence partner at Russell Jones & Walker, said: "'This was an avoidable error which has caused severe damage. Hip problems are common in the elderly and can cause considerable disability. But it is particularly devastating for this boy to experience disability early in life especially knowing that it should not have happened."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust - which also runs three other hospitals in the north-east region of Manchester - added: "We would like to offer Hayden and his family our sincerest apologies."

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Posted by Richard Saunders