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Retirement Should Not Be Seen as an Easy Solution for Employers in the UK

Retirement Should Not Be Seen as an Easy Solution for Employers

An expert has said that business managers in the UK should no longer see retirement as a solution for poor worker performance.

According to Helen Barnes, principal research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies, taking such an approach, which cause grievance hearings on the grounds of complaints over age discrimination, is now outdated due to the impending end of the default retirement age (DRA).

The DRA had previously allowed employers to make an individual finish work permanently at the age of 65 regardless of their ability and personal circumstances.

However, this law will be scrapped completely as of October 2011 and Ms Barnes believes bosses should start adjusting to this change as soon as possible as the "easy option" of enforcing retirement on a member of staff who has not been performing strongly will no longer be open to them.

Ms Barnes' comments came after the publication of data from human resources firm Croner earlier this week (August 10th) which found there had been a 56 per cent increase in enquiries from managers unsure on their legal position with regards to making people redundant under the new legislation.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett