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Employers 'beginning to see benefits of flexible working'

Employers 'beginning to see benefits of flexible working'

Many employers are beginning to embrace flexible working practices in a bid to keep confidence and morale high among their members of staff who have to commute to their jobs.

That is according to Joanne Bushell, vice-president for Regus Jordan, who was speaking after the publication of data by her company - the world's largest provider of workplace solutions - which revealed that long-distance commuting remains the norm despite the progress seen in flexible working over recent times.

The research showed that 20 per cent of people travelling to their workplace daily spend more than 90 minutes doing so, with the average commute taking 25 minutes.

However, Ms Bushell commented that bosses are now starting to see the positive effects that allowing their workers more freedom can have, particularly in the aftermath of the global economic downturn.

"To tackle the damaging effects of commuting on staff health and morale, savvy businesses are introducing more flexibility in their working practices," she said.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett