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Businesses 'should embrace flexible working practices'

Businesses 'should embrace flexible working practices'

An expert has said that encouraging flexible working practices within any small business is a wise move for mangers to make in the aftermath of the global economic downturn.

That is according to Jim Blakemore, co-founder of social enterprise Bikeworks, who has stated that "being able to offer part-time or flexible working is great for any small business, where predicting future growth is not an exact science".

Mr Blakemore's comments came after the publication of data from the Office for National Statistics last week (August 11th), which revealed that the number of people in employment in the UK went up by 184,000 in the quarterly period between April and June of this year.

Meanwhile, of this figure, some 115,000 are part-time workers, which may show that people are becoming more partial to working flexibly in the post-recession era.

Therefore, offering members of staff the opportunity to work in this way might prove to be effective for companies across the country.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett