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Woman claims she was victim of sex discrimination

Woman claims she was victim of sex discrimination

A former employee at a private school has made a claim that she was the victim of sex discrimination.

Fiona Gordon, who was admissions officer at the Loretto school, says she was targeted after taking maternity leave, the Deadline Press & Picture Agency reports.

She stated: "When I was eight months pregnant I was told that alterations would be being made to my terms and conditions at work and to the department."

Ms Gordon added that she believes the changes would not have been made if she was not expecting a child at that time.

She also suggests the stress she suffered as a result caused her to have a miscarriage.

A spokesperson for the institution - which was founded in 1827 and is a boarding school - said it will play a "full and supportive role" during the ongoing employment tribunal proceedings and will defend its position.

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