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Victims of workplace bullying 'should not suffer in silence'

Victims of workplace bullying 'should not suffer in silence'

People who are subject to bullying while at work should not suffer in silence but rather make their problem known to those who can help.

This is according to Emma Mamo, policy and campaigns manager at Mind, who said speaking to a senior member of management can make a difference.

She stated that experiencing harassment while performing a role for a firm can lead to mental health issues.

The expert suggested such activity is an "obvious path to unhappiness" and noted that feeling victimised and fearful day-in day-out is a situation that should not be taken lightly.

Ms Mamo added: "The way we feel about our work can have a huge impact on the way we feel in our personal lives and being bullied by colleagues can be tremendously damaging to our self-esteem and overall wellbeing."

Recently, employment law editor at XpertHR Susie Munro told Personnel Today that the number of employment tribunals brought by disgruntled staff has risen as a result of the recession.

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