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Greater salary transparency 'is welcome news for women'

Greater salary transparency 'is welcome news for women'

All professional women will welcome new rules which will prevent banks and financial institutions from being secretive about how much they pay their workers.

This is according to City Women's Network spokeswoman Kate Grussing, who said the development is a positive one.

She stated: "All professional women will welcome greater transparency and the more that compensation can be available in a standard format - across all levels and sectors - that can only be a good thing."

On the issue of creating a quota for the number of women on boards, she stated opinion is divided, adding no one wants to hold such a position because they satisfy a statistical requirement.

Last week, the European Commission announced that it is considering introducing quotas to tackle gender imbalances in the decision making bodies of private companies, where only ten per cent of members are female.

The legal chances are due to come into force in line with the new Equality Act in October.

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