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Govt 'should allow same-sex civil marriage'

Govt 'should allow same-sex civil marriage'
The government should implement laws which permit same-sex civil marriage ceremonies to take place, according to a gay rights activist.

Writing in the Independent, Peter Tatchell described current legislation as the "last homophobic law" in the UK.

He made his comments ahead of an event set to be hosted tonight (June 16th) at Downing Street during which gay community leaders will take part in discussions.

Mr Tatchell - who is a co-founder of action group OutRage! - said: "We are left with a prime minister and a deputy who talk gay rights but who are unwilling to abolish the one remaining law that discriminates against lesbian and gay people."

He added that this is despite the fact there is strong public support for a change in the law.

Figures from the Times cited in his piece revealed that 61 per cent of Britons believe gay couples should be able to get married in a registry office on exactly the same basis as their heterosexual counterparts.