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Family awarded compensation over fatal cycling accident

Family awarded compensation over fatal cycling accident

The family of a man who was killed in a cycling accident has been awarded compensation.

Ninian Donald was travelling home from work in the north London borough of Hackney when he was dragged under the wheels of a lorry as it made a left turn.

The vehicle had crossed over the cycle and bus lanes as it performed the manoeuvre and the driver did not see Mr Donald.

Initially, it was ruled that the incident was caused by the cyclist mounting the pavement before getting back onto the road too close to the lorry.

However, the family argued that the vehicle's mirror was not set properly to view other road users and said the driver should have been absolutely certain before making the turn.

It has now been decided that Mr Donald's widow and baby daughter Rosie should receive damages of more than £337,000.

Some of this is to be placed in a fund for the youngster that she will be able to access once she reaches the age of 18.

Paul Kitson, cycle accident lawyer at Russell Jones & Walker solicitors, commented: This case tragically illustrates the dangers of lorries when they are turning left.

"All lorries should be fitted with properly positioned mirrors so that drivers can have a clear view of cyclists on their near side. Drivers need to be educated about the risk of colliding with cyclists when making left-hand turns."

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