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Unfair dismissal claims heard in tribunal

Unfair dismissal claims heard in tribunal

An employment tribunal concerning claims of alleged unfair dismissal is underway.

Former hospital boss John Watkinson says that he was the victim of an unjust sacking from his role as chief executive of Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT).

He lost his position at the organisation - which runs a number of medical centres, including the Royal Cornwall Hospital and St Michael's Hospital - in 2008.

Mr Watkinson was suspended over concerns about debts at the organisation he had previously worked for.

At the time, he expressed his disappointment in the way the matter had been handled by his managers at the RCHT.

It is understood that he has not worked since and, if he proves successful in his case, he may be awarded a significant sum in compensation.

In his former position with the health trust, he was paid a salary in excess of £100,000.

The hearing is set to last for a total of ten days.