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Progress on gender equality in UN 'has been slow'

Progress on gender equality in UN 'has been slow'

More must be done to improve equality between the genders in the United Nations (UN), it has been claimed.

According to Yasmeen Hassan, deputy director of the Equality Now pressure group, so far the pace of change in this respect has been "very slow", the BBC reports.

She made her comments during a conference in New York which is intended to chart the progress of a landmark declaration on women's empowerment issued by the organisation 15 years ago.

Ms Hassan said: "I feel that in recent times there has been a backlash on women's rights and I am not very optimistic currently about the Beijing process or where we go from here."

She went on to claim that terrorism, the rise of religious fundamentalism and the financial crisis have all had a detrimental impact on the women's movement across the globe.

Equality Now exists to end discrimination and violence against women and girls around the world by mobilising public pressure.