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Parents of boy injured by buggy may sue

Parents of boy injured by buggy may sue
The parents of a young boy who was injured by his buggy are considering seeking compensation.

Luke Hensley got his thumb trapped in the device after it collapsed during a shopping excursion, the Uxbridge Gazette reports.

As a result of the accident, the two-year-old had to be rushed to Wexham Park Hospital, which is located north of Slough in Berkshire.

He spent a day undergoing plastic surgery to repair his thumbs, one of which had been broken.

Luke's grandfather, John Hensley, said: "He is right-handed and it was his right hand which came off worst, but in fact he was lucky it wasn't double the pain, as both thumbs got caught."

The youngster's parents may take legal action against buggy manufacturers Maclaren, which refused to comment on the case but is carrying out its own investigation.

It has arranged for a courier to collect the device so that it can examine it for an explanation.