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Divorce laws debated in Europe

Divorce laws debated in Europe

Discussions are currently underway between politicians and governments concerning possible changes to divorce laws.

The European Commission has proposed new regulations designed to stop so-called "divorce shopping", whereby one spouse in a separating couple gains the advantage over the other by strategically selecting which country's laws to operate under when parting ways, the BBC reports.

According to the news provider, ten states - including the UK - are in favour of the alterations.

In instances where couples disagree over the jurisdiction that applies to them, courts will be able to intervene and decide which law applies in their particular case.

The suggestions have been backed by Viviane Reding, the EU justice commissioner from Luxembourg.

She remarked: "Thousands of couples find themselves in difficult personal situations because national legal systems have so far failed to provide clear answers."

The debate concerning the issue is ongoing and no final decisions have been reached.