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Asperger's syndrome sufferers 'face employment discrimination'

Asperger's syndrome sufferers 'face employment discrimination'

People with Asperger's syndrome face discrimination in the employment market, it has been claimed.

According to a Guardian article by S E Smith, addressing the issue would require getting more individuals with autism-spectrum disorders into the workplace, including into human resources roles.

However, there is s "vicious circle" because in order to reach such positions, people with autism still need to pass the interviews, she noted.

The writer stated: "People with autism-spectrum disorders have traits like a high attention to detail, very intense focus and a willingness and sometimes need to repeat tasks until they are perfect."

Such characteristics are ideal for people working in fields such as computer programming, she added.

According to Ms Smith, Asperger's syndrome has been in the news recently because of the employment challenges faced by those who suffer from it.

People with the condition have mild symptoms that affect language, social interaction and behaviour.

For example, some have difficulty in understanding humour or figures of speech.